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Stat Keys

March 6, 2011

Having a hard time remembering what key you used to lock up your grenade? How about your cat? Does your heart have a key? Many women would say yes here…

Regardless, get one of these designer keys to help you out. There’s even a “house” design, and if you want a custom design of, say, a water buffalo or some such, then there’s only a 10 key minimum for a custom design.

The Stat Key Company
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Get Your Sh-t Together!

March 3, 2011
get your shit together

Motivational art is inherently a cheesy genre, dominated by faux-inspiring clichés and Photoshopped imagery. These prints by Chicago-based graphic designer Orange Beautiful fly in the face of convention, screen-printed with phrases like “Get On With It Already,” “Do Something About It,” and — our personal favorite — “Get Your Sh*t Together,” in Skittle-colored hues. Lighten up your own bleak cubicle, gift one to a fellow (good-humored) recession victim, or hang it up at home. Each of the four designs also comes printed on the cover of a mini notebook, a fitting place to jot down that elusive five-year plan.

Get yours from this etsy store.