Dainese is a world leader of protective clothing for motorcyclists and dynamic sports. Their professional racing suit is the worn by many MotoGP champions, and is arguably the best protection for when you are on a motorcycle. New for 2009 is the limited edition Tattoo Ykz design which features Samurai prints combined with Maori patterns. The artist behind this awesome suit is Luca Ionesco from Australia (check out his site for more suit designs that didn’t make it to production). The Tattoo Ykz is made from laser cut kangaroo skin and Lorica. Since this is limited edition, in order to get one you must register on the Dainese website and hope they accept your order. [via]

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November 6th, 2008 | Adam Gunderson | Fashion, Motorcycles |

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  2. AndrewGunderson


  3. Max Chrome

    Andrew i bet that would look good on you if you were crusin on a vespa

  4. AndrewGunderson

    Bro Im not a vespa rider get it right! You cant fit 4 other dudes on a vespa. Thats why I like the honda goldwings!

  5. AndrewGunderson

    I space docked Max chromes mom last night. She took the dookie like a champ!

    PS she now has hepatitus B

  6. Jdizzle

    I stuff my race suits with socks in the crotchal regions.

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