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March 20, 2012

икона за подаръкWe have found a web host with a great combination of speed and support. Our web pages load much faster than before, and their live chat support staff are extremely helpful and knowledgable. We recommend IPXcore to anyone, they are the cheapest world class hosting provider.подаръци

Chumby One

December 7, 2011
Chumby One

chumby takes your favorite parts of the internet and delivers them to you in a friendly, always-on, always-fresh format.

It’s a window into your internet life that lives outside your desktop, so content like weather, news, celebrity gossip, podcasts, music, and more has a place to play away from your world of documents and spreadsheets. Just plug in your chumby, connect to your network, and use your computer to create a lineup of favorites from over 1,500 apps in more than 30 categories, with new ones arriving all the time. Then let your chumby do its thing — streaming everything you like, from sports scores to stock quotes, from video clips to interactive games, from photos to trivia. How about playing poker on the Chumby?

Get your chumby here.

Stat Keys

March 6, 2011

Having a hard time remembering what key you used to lock up your grenade? How about your cat? Does your heart have a key? Many women would say yes here…

Regardless, get one of these designer keys to help you out. There’s even a “house” design, and if you want a custom design of, say, a water buffalo or some such, then there’s only a 10 key minimum for a custom design.

The Stat Key Company
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Get Your Sh-t Together!

March 3, 2011
get your shit together

Motivational art is inherently a cheesy genre, dominated by faux-inspiring clichés and Photoshopped imagery. These prints by Chicago-based graphic designer Orange Beautiful fly in the face of convention, screen-printed with phrases like “Get On With It Already,” “Do Something About It,” and — our personal favorite — “Get Your Sh*t Together,” in Skittle-colored hues. Lighten up your own bleak cubicle, gift one to a fellow (good-humored) recession victim, or hang it up at home. Each of the four designs also comes printed on the cover of a mini notebook, a fitting place to jot down that elusive five-year plan.

Get yours from this etsy store.

Tenso Paper Clip

February 28, 2011

The paper clip is one of the simplest and most effective inventions of recent centuries.
It forms part of our everyday lives without us noticing it.
Even though it is difficult to imagine an office without them, different tasks require a different type of clip.

TENSO brings flexibility to the paper clip. With its rotating wire, the user can gradually apply pressure depending on the amount of paper inside the clip, without damaging the document.
The angled metal sheet helps to keep pages together against a flat surface, making the document look tidier.

TENSO consists of two components that are easy to produce: A metal sheet and a cylindrical wire.
The metal sheet is laser cut or stamped. Then it is reshaped to create a closed U shape. The top end of the metal sheet is rolled to create a cylinder where the wire rotates.
The wire is bent creating a closed U shape as well, which applies pressure on the metal sheet.
Both parts are then assembled and the clip becomes ready to use.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Carbon Fiber Office Chair

Converted from a real Ferrari F430 Scuderia 16M this is a black and red leather office chair with contrast stitching (red on the black leather, black on the red leather), and has a new radical shape and design. Although it looks strange to have the cut out area around your kidneys and the opening between your knees, this ergonomic change from Ferrari has proven to be one of their most comfortable seats yet! The entire rear shell and side trim is clear coated real carbon fiber. The headrest has an embossed prancing horse logo on it and just below it an opening for shoulder racing belts.

The seat base is an average width with a deep and comfortable back, and this sculpted design fits any modern office. The seatback tilt can be adjusted with a few turns of the carbon fiber knob on the side of the seat. Your order also includes a custom base color of your choice and integrated arm rests.

Get yours here: Ferrari F430 Scuderia 16M Black/Red Leather and Carbon Fiber Office Chair


These Luxury Haute Couture Coats For Dogs from Chien Bizarre are made of mink fur and are 100% chemical free. The breathable, custom-made, coats raise the bar on treating your dog to a luxury lifestyle. Chien Bizarre open in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 1st, 2011. Press release and more pictures.

Chopin Premium Rye Vodka

January 25, 2011

Polish craft distilled Chopin Potato Vodka has been available in the United States since the 90′s. Chopin Premium Rye Vodka is now about to make its here. The extraordinarily silky rich and balanced vodka has been available in Poland for years, and will be available in the United States in March. See another image.


Audi debuted their Auto Union Silver Arrow Type-C at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. It is an electric version of their pedal car. The car features a 1.5 hp real wheel drive electric motor which produces 29.5 foot pounds of torque. It has a range of 15 miles on a 2-hour charge 230-volt (European socket), and can reach speeds of 18 mph.


Enjoy the flavors of grilling indoors with this modular cooktop that features an Energy Saver grill assembly and a built-in ventilation system. Jenn-Air did it right by adding two open bays accept optional; Energy Saver grill assemblies, radiant, or coil element cartridges. This modular cooktop features; backlit controls with several surface control settings, 2.8 kW energy saver grill and linear pan, and PerimaVent downdraft ventilation system with variable speed fan. ($899)

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